Just like you, we think that dogs deserve fresh food
made with real ingredients to be happy and healthy too.

PERFECT dog rolls are a great fresh ingredient food choice for your dog, for the quality nutrition they deliver, the fresh ingredients we use and the tasty variety that they add to your dog’s meal.

To make our our dog rolls, we use fresh New Zealand meats* for a food high in meat sourced protein, and we include a side of fresh vegetables for a delicious, nutrient dense and well balanced food that your dog will love.

Our dog rolls are a convenient ‘ready to feed’ prepared fresh food for your dog, gently cooked for easy and efficient digestion by your dog, while retaining the natural nutrient content of the fresh ingredients.

Keep your PERFECT dog rolls in the fridge
where all fresh, good food is kept.

*Contains no meat or bone meal, no colourants and no artificial flavours.