Why dog roll is a good food?

Dog roll is a great choice of food for your dog.

The high moisture content of dog roll as compared to a dry dog food, helps to keep your dog hydrated in addition to allowing you to offer a larger meal size than a dry meal, helping your dog feel fuller from its meal, making it easier to maintain your dog’s ideal weight.

Dog roll is a nutrient dense food for your dog. Nutrient dense foods supply a generous amount of one or more nutrients compared to the number of calories. PERFECT Grain Free dog roll is nutrient dense.  Refer to the What is a nutrient dense dog food article for more information.

The dog roll is gently cooked for easy and efficient digestion, and retains the natural nutrient content in the ingredients while the heating process kills any potential pathogens.

The high protein nature of dog roll is a healthy diet for growing dogs. During puppyhood, when young dogs need more protein to grow, the high protein content of PERFECT Grain Free provides the extra protein a growing dog needs.

Feeding dog roll to your dog offers variety for your dog. Dog roll is easy to serve, and can be offered to the specific needs of your dog; slice, shred, cube, mash, grate or crumble, feed as a meal, a complement to a meal or as a snack treat for your dog.