Why grain free?

A grain free diet is an increasingly popular diet for dogs for a variety of wellbeing reasons.

A grain free product has no wheat (no gluten), corn, rice or soy. Feeding dogs a grain free diet allows for them to avoid food ingredients (like wheat) that they may not thrive on, potentially reducing grain related food allergies, reducing skin problems, improving the quality of their coat, reducing digestive problems and leaving them in better health overall.

Protein based grain free dog foods more closely mimic, but not match, the canine’s natural or ‘ancestral’ diet as a carnivore. The risk with feeding an ancestral inspired ‘raw meat’ only diet is that our dogs may be missing out on much needed nutrients which they did get in the wild (e.g. through eating their prey’s stomach contents and organs).

Additionally, a specifically formulated grain free dog food that is gently cooked offers a safe, high meat content, complete and balanced diet for your dog that is free of pathogens.

A small amount of vegetable inclusion to the diet benefits your dog by providing a source of fibre. Fibre aids the overall digestive health of your dog.

PERFECT Grain Free dog roll is designed to not only be grain free, but also low in carbohydrates and high in protein.  This high protein, low carbohydrate diet is great for dogs that:

  • Are diabetic.  A low carbohydrate diet helps manage this disease, but you dog’s diet needs to be discussed with your vet.
  • For the athletic / hard working dog.  A high protein diet is recommended for increased stamina.
  • For the dog that could benefit from losing weight.  High protein diets can increase how full your dog feels after eating, helping your dog through the weight loss journey.

While the PERFECT Grain Free range offers benefits to dogs with particular diet induced health issues, it has been designed as a great, complete and balanced food for all dogs.  So, if your dog is just a happy-go-lucky, much loved family pet, they still get the benefit of a meal made from everything they need, and nothing they don’t; a diet designed for both growing pups and mature adult dogs.

Grains are often used in dog food as they are a cheap source of energy. PERFECT Grain Free dog roll is grain free as we believe that our dog roll should offer more nutritionally to your dog than some quick calories. 

However, if you dog is perfectly happy and healthy, a good ‘rule is thumb’ is to consult your vet on any major changes to your dog’s diet.

If you do decide to change your dog’s diet from a grain based diet to a grain free diet, slowly introduce the change over time. Refer to the How to transition your dog from grain based to grain free food?