Beef 2kg

Made from Fresh New Zealand sourced ingredients
Gently cooked for easy digestion No added colours or added flavours
Complete & balanced diet for all life stages*

PERFECT Grain Free Beef is a 100% grain free, nutrient dense dog food, rich in high quality beef protein and added Omega -3 & -6 oils.

Made from scratch with grass fed New Zealand beef as the single source of meat for high quality protein, and locally sourced, fresh New Zealand beetroot, PERFECT Grain Free Beef dog roll gives your dog a high quality, complete and well balanced diet, without any grains added.

Made from fresh New Zealand sourced ingredients.

  • 91%¹ fresh, grass fed, New Zealand Beef
  • 7% Fresh Beetroot
  • Added Vitamins and Minerals
  • 0% Grains

¹ Excluding water for processing

Typical Analysis

As feed As dry matter
Energy KJ per kg 5300 22500
Crude Protein 10.5% 40.6%
Fat 9.7% 37.4%
Carbohydrate 2.6% 10.2%
Dietary Fibre 0.8% 3.2%


Fresh beef by product and beef (91%¹), beetroot (7%¹), gelling agents, flaxseed oil, preservative (Potassium Sorbate), vitamins and minerals, salt.

¹Excluding water for processing.

Benefits of PERFECT Grain Free Beef Dog Roll

  • #1 Ingredient is NZ beef, a single source, iron rich protein so you know exactly what meat your dog is eating
  • Enriched with Omega -3 & -6 to help promote a healthy skin & coat and joint and heart health.
  • No Gluten. No Sugar. No artificial colours or flavours.
  • Gently cooked for easy digestion.
  • No grains used as fillers. A grain free diet may reduce canine food allergies.
  • Nutritionally complete and balanced diet for all life stages*

All PERFECT Grain Free dog rolls are made from a single meat source so you know exactly what meat your dog is eating, and allows you to avoid meat sources that you know to upset your dog.

PERFECT Grain Free dog roll is high quality nutrition in an easy to use dog roll, perfect as a complete meal, cubed over dried dog food as a topper, or feed as a training treat or as a snack.

Suitable for all life stages*; as an adult dog food and as a puppy food.

Recommended Daily Feeding Guide for an Adult Dog

Size of dog Grams per day
Small dog (5kg – 10kg) Up to 500g
Medium dog (10kg – 20kg) 500g – 800g
Large dog (+ 20kg) 800g – 1000g

Recommended feeding amounts are a guide only. Feed to condition, breed, life stage and activity levels of your dog. *Suitable as an adult dog food and as a puppy food.

*PERFECT Grain Free provides a 100% complete and balanced diet for your dog, and is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for all life stages from puppy to adult.

Keep chilled. Store below 4⁰C.  Once opened, PERFECT Grain Free should be consumed within 5 days.

Always ensure that fresh water is available for your dog.